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Me llamo Daynett. Aprendí a leer antes que a hablar y mis conocidos todavía intentan comprender si eso explica:
A) Porque leo tan rápido
B) Porque hablo tanto o
C) Ambas.

I've lived many years, but cats are such whimsical creatures
I've lived many years, but cats are such whimsical creatures





Sebastian Michaelis - Episode 2 - Kuroshitsuji Book Of Circus



One of my favorite scenes of ‘Friends’

Best scene in friends



i compiled some pics of dreamworks female characters who were introduced in the same years as disney female characters- rapunzel, anna, and honey lemon

its up to you to decide which company is more progressive when designing female characters who appear distinct from the company’s last female protagonist, even tho its sorta extremely obvious  

It’s even more obvious when you include more of Dreamworks’ characters.


In Frozen, Anna and Elsa look extremely similar, despite having different colored hair. In HTTYD 2, there’s no way you would confuse Astrid for Ruffnut, despite the fact that they have the same hair and eyes. Valka looks very different from all of them, and as you could see in the above photoset, Eep from The Croods and Roxanne from Megamind look different from all three of the aforementioned viking ladies.

What’s really interesting is when you throw Heather into the mix. Heather was in two episodes of “Riders of Berk,” and it was something of a plot point that, hair color aside, she was supposed to look kind of similar to Astrid (because Astrid had to disguise herself as Heather in the second episode because of plot reasons; she had to be able to pass as Heather, at least temporarily). Despite this, Astrid and Heather still have marked differences, and this is most noticeable when Astrid is in her Heather get-up.

For better comparisons, here is Heather:


And here is Astrid disguised as Heather:


Her eyes, her nose, her mouth, even her cheekbones—there are differences. Astrid was supposed to be able to convincingly pass as Heather, meaning that they intentionally created Heather to at least resemble Astrid in some ways so that the characters wouldn’t think this was a completely stupid idea (in other words, they couldn’t have Heather looking like, say, a female Snotlout, because the characters would never think Astrid could pass as someone like that), and yet there are still marked differences so that even when Astrid is wearing a wig and Heather’s clothes, you (as the viewer) can still tell which is which. The best part of this? Riders of Berk is a Cartoon Network show, meaning Dreamworks did not have the budget to spend on it that they would a feature-length movie. Heather herself only appeared in two episodes. Yet she still had a unique design, and they still put in the effort to make her distinguishable from Astrid, despite the fact that the plot itself called for them to have resemblance. Yet Disney has three feature-length movies, one of which you know they lauded as being the creme de la creme of animation, and they still can’t make their ladies look different.

For fucking shame, Disney. For shame.



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I used this on a powerpoint for school and no one laughed except my friend and I